The gardens with large pool, pond-, pavillon- and veggie- area as well as children's playground

Beside the lovely house our gardens contribute to the special atmosphere of Little Paradise. About 3000 sqm offer sufficient place for breathing and relaxing.

Except a few rose bushes the whole garden is planted with typical flowers and bushes from the Cape and South Africa. And of course, you’ll also find the well known pincushin proteas and many other acquaintances from your excursions through the nature reserves close by.
It does not matter in which season you’ll stroll around the garden: Some of our plants definitely will be in bossom.
And these blossoms attract innumerable bird kinds. From the small Sunbirds up to the Ibis and the Egyptian goose we have numerous visitors in our garden.

The pool area of the holiday home

The area around the pool is naturally one of the most popular whereabouts in our garden. Enjoy the view to the mountain-chain form Chapman’s Peak and Silvermine. The pool itself is almost 12 m long and 6 m wide and offers the possibility, not only to refresh, but also to swim.
We use saltwater and a skin friendly pool chlorinator to achieve best water quality and we service the pool regulary.
Have and outdoor shower or relax on our sun beds or at the 6 seater garden table under the shading. A lilac kind sends a pleasant fragrance and the numerous birds which are lured from the blossoms of the bushes and shrubs offer a welcome diversion.

Breakfast area with herb garden

Our herb garden is a wonderful place to enjoy breakfast. Close to the kitchen and the espresso machine and warmed by the first sunbeams to come just over the mountains. And if you wake up some hours later and the the sun stands higher, you’ll enjoy the beautiful shadow from our large and colourful Bouganville. In the herb bed in front of the kitchen you’ll find numerous fresh herbs with which you can refine your foods.

Pavillon area

Enjoy a cup of tea in the pavilion and gaze at the blossom sea around around you. The colorful pincushin proteas which attract the sunbirds are special attraction in this part of the garden. And if you would like a lemon for your tea: Our lemon trees are also part of this section. The large pond is home of some froggs and colourful water lilies.

Childrens playground

Little Paradise is an ideal destination for families with children. Your small ones will have special fun at the pool and on our two playgrounds with slide, swings, sand pit, monkey bars, trampoline, balance beam, slackline and ninja slackline. And in our walking cages they come close to our chickens. Watching our neighbours horses from our small observing place is especially for girls a must.

The Veggie Garden and Chicken Coop

The newest addition to Little Paradise is our Veggie Garden where we grow organic food and the chicken coop with large outdoor area for our feathered darlings.